We know that embarking upon a year long endeavor may seem daunting, so we wanted to provide a quick guide to get you started with your first two weeks. 

There are three important resources you will consistently refer to:

  1. Reading Plan: Outlines the scriptures and videos associated with each day (available through the Read Scripture App or download the PDF version)
  2. Read Scripture Videos: The Bible Project created a video associated with each book of the Bible that provides historical context and an overview of major themes in the book in a quick and easily digestible format. There are also additional videos that address major themes in the Bible (available through the Read Scripture app and also via the "Explore" dropdown at the top of this website)
  3. The Explore link at the top of this website: Through this link, you will be able to access additional resources and tools including small group material, sermon series, lectures, and hermeneutical guides

Before you jump into Day 1, we recommend the following:

  1. Download the Read Scripture App: We highly encourage downloading the Read Scripture App. The app contains the Reading Plan and makes it easy to see what scriptures you are meant to focus on each day. The app also contains all the Read Scripture videos
  2. Click on "Welcome" and read intro
  3. Watch "Read Scripture Intro" video 
  4. Bookmark the Explore link at the top of this website 

    Reading Plan for Weeks 1 and 2

    Week 1 (January 1-January 8)

    Day 1:
    1. Watch Genesis 1-11 Old Testament video
    2. Watch Heaven & Earth themed video
    3. Read Psalm 1 
    4. Read Genesis 1-3 
    5. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 2:
    1. Read Psalm 2 
    2. Read Genesis 4-7
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 3: 
    1. Read Psalm 3
    2. Read Genesis 8-11
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 4:
    1. Watch Genesis 12-50 Old Testament video
    2. Watch The Covenants themed video
    3. Read Psalm 4
    4. Read Genesis 12-15
    5. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 5:
    1. Read Psalm 5
    2. Read Genesis 16-18
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 6:
    1. Read Psalm 6
    2. Read Genesis 19-21
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 7:
    1. Read Psalm 7
    2. Read Genesis 22-24
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect

    Week 2 (January 8-January 14)

    Day 8:
    1. Read Psalm 8
    2. Read Genesis 25-28 
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 9:
    1. Read Psalm 9 
    2. Read Genesis 29-31
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 10: 
    1. Read Psalm 10
    2. Read Genesis 32-34
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 11:
    1. Read Psalm 11
    2. Read Genesis 35-37
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 12:
    1. Read Psalm 12
    2. Read Genesis 38-40
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 13:
    1. Read Psalm 13
    2. Read Genesis 41-42
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect
    Day 14:
    1. Read Psalm 14
    2. Read Genesis 43-45
    3. Read/ pray/ reflect

    Note: You don't have to wait until January 1st to begin your Year of Biblical Literacy. Regardless of when you begin, you always have the choice of starting at the beginning with Genesis 1 or picking up where the reading plan is currently at in the year. Do whatever is best for you, stick with it, and be encouraged that there are many others participating in this as well.

    And there you have it! You're ready to embark on your year. May it be transformative and life giving!