What are some of the common reasons why people choose to participate?

  1. You have no idea what the Bible is about and are curious about this best-selling, worldwide-acclaimed book
  2. You have found significant gain from reading Scripture and want to further seek the God that the Bible reveals
  3. You have been a Christian for a while and have maybe not held Scripture in high esteem but feel like you are missing something because of it

How do I personally YOBL?

First, YOBL (pronounced "yoh-bull") is indeed a verb, thank you very much! And you "YOBL" by reading along with the yearlong plan at a minimum. Since the volume and pace of the reading has been challenging for some, we encourage you to adapt the reading plan to your ability. Remember, reading the Bible is how we become literate in it and, we become literate in order to know and follow the God revealed in it. Perfectly walking the schedule is not the point, but it is a helpful discipline for cultivating your relationship with Jesus.

There are two main resources for everyone who YOBLs; bookmark and save these resources as they are invaluable to the personal experience!

  1. Read Scripture reading plan (accessible via Read Scripture app or PDF)

  2. Read Scripture videos on Books of the Bible

What if I want to get more out of YOBL?

If you want to participate in YOBL in community, which we highly encourage, join or lead a small group and use our YOBL small group material. This would encourage accountability in reading the Scripture and hopefully provide the opportunity to practice the way of God revealed in the Scripture with people in a group.

You can also follow along with the Read Scripture videos, the sermons posted online, and the biblical interpretation (hermeneutic) aids.

Where do I start?

Access the reading plan! Download the app, talk to some friends and start a group, and then put your nose in the book and your heart in a prayer. Next thing you know, you will be YOBL-ing!