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Unity Prayer

Unity Prayer

This is a corporate prayer practice we suggest practicing in community. We often refer to this type of prayer in our small group material.

What is a unity prayer?

Unity prayer in an exercise that practices listening to one another and recognizing on another's felt experiences and emotions and holding them before the Lord.

How does unity prayer work? 

This corporate prayer will usually follow a time of sharing.

It begins with one person opening the time by praying a simple, one-sentence prayer that begins with “Lord hear our...” That person will then verbally share a sentiment or feeling or longing that was expressed either directly or indirectly by a single person or a larger part of the group. For example, you may have heard someone express loneliness and you can pray, “Lord hear our loneliness”. 

After the first prayer, the rest of the group can voice similar one-sentences aloud starting with, “Lord hear our...”  The prayers are meant to be succinct, short, and concise (no more than 4-6 words) to be able to hold very specific felt experiences before the Lord. 

You can pray your own feelings or those of others. The hope of this prayer is to help us remember and intentionally think through what you heard expressed at your time in community and entrust it all before God. The hope is that it bonds the group through recognizing and holding one another’s felt experiences and also teaches all to be better listeners.