We asked people at Reality San Francisco to share their experience of the Year of Biblical Literacy. You will notice below that the year included joyful victories and challenging obstacles and everything in between. 

I have learned so much more about God's character, to the point where I realize how little I actually know. I thought I had God all figured out - in a little box - and yet this experience has blown it wide open. God is somehow now more mysterious to me, and yet I feel more understood by Him at the same time.
With The Bible Project videos and the lectures, I found a deeper and greater appreciation for the Old Testament, especially stories like Daniel and Esther I grew up in church knowing, but never truly understanding. YOBL definitely sparked a greater sense of wonder in me about the OT, the God I serve and how I am a piece in His big story.
I had to work hard to tell myself that I was not a failure for not being able to keep up with the pace of the year. I stuck with it until the prophets then fell off, never to regain traction with the year. I began reading the Bible at my own pace and felt a bit embarrassed to admit that I could not keep up. The saving grace for me was to still be welcomed in Community Group and able to participate even if I did not read.
I loved the consistency of this practice. It became a morning routine I looked forward to. Breakfast and the Bible. Having read the Bible for decades, I had never read it from start to finish. I really enjoyed that, especially with all of the supporting information (lectures, videos, sermons, etc.).
YOBL was a positive experience for me. It was hard, revealed how undisciplined I can be, and brought up tough questions I hadn't asked God enough before. I find I understand what God desires from our lives much better, and I have a deeper appreciation for what He longs for from His people.
Although I have read through the whole Bible a few times, this time was different. I digested the story in a completely different way and it made far more sense than it ever had. I found myself so much more engaged with the story and longing to make it to the Gospels when we "find out" that Jesus actually came to save the world from our brokenness. That experience was incredible.
My experience with YOBL was not very glamorous. I didn't start YOBL with my peers and was immediately irritated with the whole thing. Subsequently, maybe some (like myself) felt like an outcast all year; not feeling good enough to join conversations in Community Group. I'm so glad that Reality values Biblical literacy. But I think this task was too lofty for a congregation of our size without the ability to nurture those that feel a bit left behind.
Re-discovering the Old Testament was a highlight of my YOBL experience. I have come to believe that one cannot fully appreciate the totality of the Gospel message without an understanding of the larger story that Jesus came to fulfill. Because portions of the Old Testament can often seem confusing, contradictory, and culturally outdated, it was great to walk through challenging sections with the church and my Community Group, and to hear different perspectives on interpretation.
I've read through the bible 6 or 7 times with many different versions of the Bible and reading plans. The Year of Biblical Literacy was fresh. It took God out of my mind and created a visual experience of him. And the Community Group material helped to see and experience more about how the church should look as a community.